New Home Energy Assessments From Efficiency Nova Scotia!

Welcome to the New Home of Sustainable Housing on the web!

We will be adding a lot of content to this site in the days ahead, but first we need to announce the NEW Home Energy Assessment program from Efficiency Nova Scotia!

As of Oct 1st, 2015, Efficiency Nova Scotia has launched their new Home Energy Assessment program with partners like Sustainable Housing.

There’s lots of great updates and additions to this program, and we’ll have them all listed here as soon as possible.

For now we’ll start with the highlights:

  • The cost of a Home Energy Assessment is now more affordable at $99+HST. For this new lower fee you still receive the same great evaluation of your home with a detailed report about the findings and recommendations for energy saving upgrades. You also still receive a follow up evaluation after you complete your upgrades at no cost.
  • The maximum incentive you could receive has been raised to $5,000 per home from the previous $1,500 amount!
  • Traditional incentives for adding insulation to your home are still in place however they are even better as you can receive higher incentive amounts for completing multiple upgrades!
  • New incentives have been added for qualifying home upgrades such as ductless mini-split heat pumps, central heat pumps, and wood and pellet burning appliances!
  • Existing clients who have had their initial evaluation within the last 12 months but have not yet had their follow up evaluation are immediately eligible to receive the new incentive amounts!

Please call us at 1-877-722-2842 or email us at for all the details!

More information will be added to this site ASAP. In the mean time please visit Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Home Energy Assessment page for full details.

Please Note: The Home Energy Assessment program and the $99 fee only applies to Electrically Heated homes. Homes that are heated through non-electric means do not qualify for the program or incentives. We can still provide Energy Evaluations including EnerGuide labels and recommendations for non-electric homes at a different fee structure. Please contact us for more details or to clarify which category your home falls under.