Home Energy Assessments (Nova Scotia)

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A short one-to-three-hour Home Energy Assessment with one of our Energy Advisors will determine the energy efficiency of your home and provide you with a modelled report of energy efficient upgrades to help plan your home renovation.

A Home Energy Assessment will:

  • Assess your attic, cathedral ceiling, flat roof insulation, wall insulation, pony wall insulation, and basement.
  • Assess your primary/supplemental heating systems and your domestic hot water heating system.
  • Determine air leakage and loss of heat in your home.
  • Generate an accurate EnerGuide Rating for your home.
  • Provide a modelled report outlining what changes should be made to maximize efficiency in your home.

You will be eligible for rebates through Efficiency Nova Scotia if you have a Home Energy Assessment completed prior to your home renovations. Once your renovation is complete, contact us and our Energy Advisor return to your home for a Post Retrofit Evaluation to help you secure your Efficiency Nova Scotia rebate, if applicable.

A Post Retrofit Evaluation will:

  • Involve a review of the completed energy retrofits since your first evaluation.
  • Reassess the air leakage and loss of heat in your home.
  • Generate an updated EnerGuide Rating for your home.
  • Obtain copies of receipts and application forms to complete your rebate.

All rebate documentation will be submitted by Sustainable Housing on your behalf. Any rebates will be directly mailed to you.

Our Energy Advisors are happy to assist you with any questions during your Home Energy Assessment or your Post Retrofit Evaluation. You can also reach out to us anytime: Contact Us

Cost of a Home Energy Assessment

The cost of a Home Energy Assessment for electric and non-electrically heated homes is $199+HST. For this low fee, you will receive a Home Energy Assessment of your home, a detailed report about the findings and recommendations for energy saving upgrades, and an EnerGuide rating for your home. You will then receive a Post Retrofit Evaluation after you complete your upgrades which includes an updated EnerGuide rating at no additional cost.

If you complete at least one recommended Greener Homes upgrade, you will be reimbursed for $100 of that fee after your Post Retrofit Evaluation is complete.

What is an EnerGuide Rating?

An EnerGuide Rating is proof that your house was tested under official guidelines from Natural Resources Canada by a certified Energy Advisor. Within a couple of weeks after the Post Retrofit Evaluation, an official EnerGuide label will be provided to you. An EnerGuide label is a valuable asset if you plan to sell your home. For more information, please visit Natural Resources Canada’s website:

EnerGuide in Canada

Efficiency Nova Scotia & Greener Homes Program rebate information

Efficiency Nova Scotia has launched their updated Home Energy Assessment + Greener Homes program with partners like Sustainable Housing:

  • A Home Energy Assessment qualifies you for both Efficiency Nova Scotia’s incentives and the Federal Greener Homes incentives! Both programs are being administered together in Nova Scotia by Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  • You can learn more about the combined programs¬†here.
  • You can access Efficiency Nova Scotia’s 2023 Rebate Guide here.
  • You can learn more about the Greener Homes Grant programs here.

Please call us at 1-877-722-2842 or email us at bookings@sustainablehousing.ca for all the details!

Nova Scotia Walkthrough

In Nova Scotia, the Greener Homes Program is delivered through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s provincial program. Please click the button below to view a complete walkthrough for Efficiency Nova Scotia’s and the Greener Homes Program’s combined processes.